Big Kev aims for 100kg weight loss

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The Biggest Loser’s latest evictee Kev Moore is aiming to return to the show’s finale 100kg lighter than he when he first appeared on the reality series.


Moore and electrical production supervisor Jane Jantzen were eliminated from The Biggest Loser on Tuesday night, leaving just five contestants in the weight loss battle.

It was Moore’s second time on The Biggest Loser.

Big Kev as he is affectionately known on the Network Ten series, was the heaviest contestant to ever tackle the weight loss TV reality show when he weighed in at 254kg last year.

He shed more than 55kg during the 2013 series to tip the scales at 198.6kg on his departure.

Even though he was out of sight, Moore was still working on his weight issues.

He returned this year weighing 185.9kg and walked away after Tuesday’s episode tipping the scales at 167kg.

In total he lost 74.3kg during his two stints on The Biggest Loser but it’s not over yet.

“When I return for the finale I am hoping to have lost 100 kilogram’s in total over 12 months,” Moore told AAP.

“There’s still a few weeks until the final weigh-in and I think I can do it.”

Since he left the series in 2013, Moore has been working with personal trainer, Nardia Norman, at a Sydney gym.

The 27-year-old said his ideal weight would be about 110-120kg.

“That’s my goal weight as when I get to that I am going to need skin reduction,” he said.

Moore said even though he’s dropped from a 15XL to a 4XL he still hasn’t had the comfort of buying a lot of new clothes.

He’s losing weight so quickly that he’s bought sparingly and still trains in the same gym clothes he first wore on the series.

“They fit me like a dress,” Moore joked.

“I have bought a few casual clothes to wear out but I’m dropping sizes too quickly.”

Jantzen also has a feel-good story to tell after losing 26kg on The Biggest Loser: Challenge series which centres on obese people from Ararat in south-western Victoria.

Jantzen thought she would always be a spinster but now, having shed some vital kilos she’s gained some much needed self confidence and self-esteem.

“When I started this I wasn’t really living a life – I didn’t realise I was going to come here and find myself,” she said.

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