Libs, Palmer cautioned over election rules

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Members of the Liberal Party and Palmer United Party are among those cautioned for possible breaches of Tasmania’s election rules.


Liberal state director Sam McQuestin, Clive Palmer and his party’s senator-elect Jacqui Lambie have all been sent letters by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC) in the wake of the March 15 poll.

The TEC says the trio, along with several newspapers, a right-to-life campaigner and Australia Post all could have breached the island state’s electoral act.

The act prohibits the publication of the name or likeness of an opponent during an election campaign.

The issue blew up during the campaign when the Liberals complained about a Palmer United Party (PUP) newspaper advertisement that included photos of their leader Will Hodgman, Labor Premier Lara Giddings and Greens leader Nick McKim.

A caption referred to the leaders as the “three amigos”.

The ad included an authorisation from Ms Lambie, who denied having seen it before it was published and later threatened legal action against the newspaper.

Mr Palmer blamed Newscorp for the breach and wrote to the TEC citing a High Court decision on freedom of speech.

The TEC has found that ad, a letter from Mr Palmer, an advertisement and pamphlet from the Liberals and a Right to Life Australia pamphlet all could have breached the act.

It says Mr McQuestin and Australia Post took immediate action to stop distribution once possible breaches became known.

In a statement, the TEC said the circumstances of each breach meant it would not take legal action.

“The TEC takes the view that all persons seeking to involve themselves in Tasmanian election campaigns have a responsibility to acquaint themselves and to comply with duly enacted Tasmanian electoral laws,” the statement read.

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