Man gets 11 years for robbery murder

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“Help, I’ve been shot.


These were the words Colin Wick yelled out just moments after three balaclava-clad would-be robbers arrived at his Sydney home.

He was dead soon after.

On Tuesday, Neramsn Safar was sentenced to at least 11 years for Mr Wick’s murder that happened during a bungled attempted robbery.

The Supreme Court heard Safar had gone to Mr Wick’s Canley Heights home on July 23, 2011 with two others.

Safar, who was affected by ice and marijuana, had only intended to rob the home and had believed no one would be home.

But when they arrived, Mr Wick heard a banging at a door of the home.

Going to investigate, he drew the curtain before one of Safar’s co-offenders fired a gun, shooting him in the chest.

“The deceased moved backwards towards his bedroom and said, “Help! I’ve been shot!”, before collapsing in the hallway.

“He died shortly thereafter,” Justice Stephen Rothman said in his judgment.

The three offenders ran from the house.

In sentencing Safar, Justice Rothman said he accepted that while guilty of Mr Wick’s murder, Safar had not intended him any harm.

He also accepted that Safar wasn’t aware that his co-accused were armed until they pulled up outside of the house and he saw one of them leaving the car with a gun.

Justice Rothman said Safar, who gave evidence at his sentencing, feared for his life and the life of his family were he to co-operate with police on the identity of the group’s third member.

“He is a religious man who displays genuine and significant remorse, not only as to the outcome and effect on the victim’s family, but also as to his conduct in becoming involved in the robbery and his drug addiction that led to it.”

Justice Rothman paid tribute to Mr Wick’s family.

“(His) family and friends can never again enjoy his company and his support and have been denied the enjoyment of his full life,” he said.

Safar was sentenced to a maximum of 15 years and nine months. His earliest date of release will be in January 2023.

Safar’s co-accused will be sentenced next month. The third offender has never been charged.

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