Vic police union chief retires

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Greg Davies isn’t holding his breath for Christmas cards from the past two Victorian police commissioners.


The Police Association secretary finishes on Friday after six years in the role.

He memorably fought pitched battles with former chief commissioners Christine Nixon and Simon Overland.

“I don’t think I’m on Ms Nixon or Mr Overland’s Christmas card list,” Mr Davies told AAP.

“I’d be very surprised to see either of them at my retirement.”

Ms Nixon stood down in 2008 and tore into the Police Association in her autobiography, while Mr Overland resigned in 2011 amid a period of turmoil within the force’s top brass.

Mr Davies said rebuilding relationships with the chief commissioner’s office and the state government had been difficult but important.

He said the introduction of tasers had been controversial, but they had saved lives.

“I’d rather be shot with a taser than a 40-calibre semi-automatic,” he said.

Mr Davies also said putting protective services officers on rail station platforms had been a boost to public safety, even if opponents of the plan had been sceptical.

“Every person in Victoria is an expert on two things – football and policing,” he said.

“Not too many of them have ever got a kick on the MCG and not too many of them have ever been confronted by an angry man.”

A number of Victorian police have been investigated and convicted of crimes in the past few years, and Mr Davies said it was important they were given the same legal rights as anyone else.

“Human frailty is present in all of us, it doesn’t matter what your occupation is,” he said.

Mr Davies said governments could build the best schools, hospitals and transport systems in the world, but they needed to be kept safe.

“It all counts for nothing if your son gets beaten to death in the city on his 18th birthday,” he said.

Mr Davies said incoming secretary Ron Iddles would negotiate the next pay deal in December 2015 and aim to improve the police IT system.

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